Cat Travels 200 Miles Back Home

Jacob and Bonnie Richter took a trip in November to Daytona Beach Florida for an R.V rally. During the trip their 4 year old cat Holly was lost. On New Years Eve Holly came walking through their backyard weak and probably hungry. She had traveled the 200 mile trip from Daytona Beach all the way back home! Many thought that it was not the same cat but her owners say that they knew it was her because of her distinct pattern. Also she has a micro-chip in her.
Well how did she find her way home without getting lost? Study’s prove that cats know their way around by recognizing landscape, locations,sights,and smells. Cats can also easily figure out shortcuts around places. Scientists have done tests and discovered that some cats were “two timing ” their owners by living at their house and staying for a while then leaving and going to their other house for a while then returning.
Holly showed up in Barb Mazzolas backyard and she could barely stand. They fed and cared for her for 6 days. They said when she arrived her back claws were wore down to nothing from walking such a long way. They also said she was shy around people but she didn’t have any parasites or diseases. Barb took Holly to a vet so she could get checked out and told the people to check if she had a chip in her and was disappointed to find that she did and holly was returned to owners and lived happily ever after.


One thought on “Cat Travels 200 Miles Back Home

  1. catlover45

    cats are so special and it amazes me how it was able to find its way home being 200 miles away.

    But what makes them have these senses that allows them to do these types of things?


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